These are photos which I have gathered from visiting the gallery ‘The Photographer’s Gallery’. Why I decided to capture these photos in specific; I was given a task to explore around the theme of ‘Descent’. And what does the word ‘descent’ mean? There are many different ways that the word can be interpreted – whether it’s inheritance, physical emotional, spiritual etc.

Photos which I had managed to gather from the gallery is portrayed more towards the physical side.

Elswick Kids (1978)

This photo in specific really depicted the word ‘descent’ as there are collapsed buildings surrounding the area. Instantly, I can see there are various of reasons why the word comes into play. Of course, descent could also mean falling, or descending. The buildings have collapsed and children lives has been changed negatively due to this.

Captured by the artist Elswick Kids, she returned to the North East after studying within Wales. After returning she worked around Elswick area where neighbourhoods were declined and distorted due to the falling of shipbuilding industry. This piece of work was inspired by the children who lived within the area and had to deal with poverty, and lack of opportunity.


Other photos which I had explored was the art work of Alex Prager, where he had created multiple series including, 4:01pm, Sun Valley, 2012 / 1:18pm, Silverlake Drive, 2012/ 3:14pm, Pacific Ocean, 2012 and 3:32pm, Goldwater Canyon; as shown in the figures. my favourite piece was the one depicting people floating on top of the ocean. I loved this one in specific because it gave me inspiration to create my final piece using the idea of ”drowning/sinking”. I found it amusing and very interesting considering it was different to other art pieces which I had seen before. more so, when looking at this picture, it was easy to link, and I found meaning associated with the theme ‘descent’.


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