The story behind a photo

Through media production and photography, I learnt that through one image there is a thousand words that can be spoken. It isn’t always direct but when you carefully address and analysis a photo, you will be able to get a sense of feeling and experience from a person’s facial expression, their body language, colours and the way that they are dressed.

We was set a task to take photos which told a story, and I picked out 3 images of myself which I thought represented me best. The reason why I think chose these images because I like the fact that it kind of captures my real identity; a shy girl, who likes to hide behind her makeup as a confidence booster hence the dramatic makeup with bright red eye shadow. I think the red background beautifully contrasts the colour of my hair as well as my makeup. You also notice that my hair is curly, when in reality it is naturally straight. my facial expression and body langue where my hands are placed on my shoulders also depicts a sense of loneliness, fragile and insecure person who looks very lost.

The first image also kind of shows how I am scared to open myself up to the world. However, the last photo looks a bit more fun. I think this represents the idea of how a shy person could also be very fun and free once you open them up and get to know for they truly are.




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