Introduction to Fashion Promotion/Textiles

Fashion is a subject which has always been within my interest. I studied it as one of my A-level options, however everything was very fine art based. Having the opportunity to study it here at Ravensbourne was exciting and very different as the level of work, and the environment that you work in is very experimental and more fun. It teaches you to go with the flow and be creative using your surroundings within the moment whiles using simple materials such as tape, rather than having to be so organised; sometimes messy is better than planned and polished work.

On the first day where we was introduced to this one week rotation within Fashion, we were asked to bring rolls of tape, and do research on 3 different themes of our choice, and I picked; Culture, Architecture, and Colours. The use of the research was to help us grasp ideas and create a final piece.

Using the material that we had, we were asked to find 3 images, and zoom in close into the photo and draw a section of it. (The 3 photos are the bottom are the photos which I used as reference).

Figure 2

We then drew it out on an A3 of paper, splitting it into 3 sections, sketching the images as largely scaled as possible. Here is my example


Using the drawn examples as a guide, we created half a shoe using masking tape to create a trainer. And again, here is my example created below: As you can see, I have used the example of figure 1 as an inspiration to create this design. I was very happy with the outcome and impressed with myself to have been able to create something so random to look quite stylist, and I’m sure it would look better with some colours and extra detail to it.

Our next task involved created 3D samples out of plain white paper in order to create as many garmented looks as possible. For this task, I decided to make a head piece using figure 3 as an inspiration this time. These are some of the random styles which I had come up with at the time:



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