Fashion Promotion/Textiles: Day 2

Although it was only our second day being introduced to the course of fashion, we were challenged to create a final garments in preparation for our final day of the week. Using our inspired shapes, I again, created a geometric hat using my research of architecture as inspiration.

But before this, we were asked to bring in some home materials which we could find lying around our house which were suitable to our research, so for this I bought in a couple of black and white plastic bags, cardboard and foil. I did not know what to expect at first, but then realised were expected to experiment with our resources to create something random for a friend to wear, and in this nerve wrecking situation, I quickly constructed together a neck piece which had funky shapes around it.

Considering we had only 5 minutes to make a garment out of the resources we brought in, I decided to use foil as it was the easiest to control and bend, where as if I was to use clingfilm, the material would just bend as it is not heavy enough to stay within a position, cardboard involves a lot of cutting and ripping in order to create a shape, as well as having to use tape etc to stick pieces together. Foil on the other hand, can easily be constructed together.



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