Fashion Textiles/Promotion FINAL PIECE

Fashion Textiles final piece which evolved making a final garment was quite tricky to say the least because I used a difficult shape I planned on making a body wear however decided to create a head wear instead as it seemed more appropriate. Furthermore, due to the patterns on my chosen shape taken from a zoomed architectural building image – it seemed more effective as a hat.

As we only had very little time and very little resources, fashion textiles here at Ravensbourne compared to textiles during A-levels has taught me to be more experimental with my dear, and understand that not everything will go as planned however, you are still able to make an outstanding outcome, which sometimes turns out more effective.

We was then given a task to go out as a 3 and take photos related to our theme.

At first I was extremely stuck and confused as to how I could’ve portrayed this, but we used magazines to help us create a vague idea of how we wanted our final photos turn out. For me, I wanted a lot of concentrated headshots, retro look hence the retro white glasses which really complimented m models outfit, and a bright red background which constructing well with the white. I also did bold red eyeshadow on her eyelids to allow her face to stand out further.


my final outcome for the fashion promotion collage, I tried to keep it as simple as possible therefore stuck to the colour red, white and black as I didn’t want the colour to be too overpowering to the point that the photo became unnoticeable. I enjoyed fashion promotion a lot more as I enjoy fashion promotion a lot more as I enjoy editing and photography. The only unsuccessful thing about this final project which I wished I would’ve changed was my final garment. I was not very happy with it. I think I could’ve done a lot better, and the other downfall was, my powerpoint kept glitching and shutting down therefore I failed to finish it completely.




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