3DCP: Fixtures & Fittings (Week 2)

In the second week of 3DCP, we focused our refining our work to produce our final outcomes. I did this using this initial shape (insert picture), as a guide. my first idea when viewing this shape gave me the idea to create a tall building, something like a sky scraper. The idea of this building was to be a worldwide cuisine/hotel located in the middle of touristic locations around the world. The reason for this is because a lot of locations within aboard in other countries does not have restaurants which can offer different cultural food, and because there is a place which can offer this to a diverse group of people when coming to visit the country (considering everyone has their own preferences), it would most likely be more successful, and having a hotel included makes it more convient.

I experimented further on the software ‘sketches; after playing about with it, unintentionally I managed to create something different to what I had visualised in the beginning, which I ended up keeping because I liked the shape, how edgy and fun it looked, giving it a more modern and clean look. I also thought it fitted the idea of a hotel more than it did with the pervious shape. In terms of materials, because my building was inspired specfically by the Shard, I also decided to use a lot of glass for a nice view; also helping to create mood and atmosphere for visitors.

(insert initial ideas and final outcomes, and final spreadsheets)


3DCP – Fixtures & Fittings (Week 1)

Our first project was called ‘Fixtures and Fittings’, and the project was introduced with us experimenting with materials such as:

  • cardboard
  • red, yellow, blue and black tape
  • elastic bands
  • silver wire

And tools which I had used during this week included:

  • cutting mat
  • stanley retraceable knife
  • metal ruler
  • eyelet puncher
  • wire cutter

Using the materials provided, I created various of diverse outcomes, with money shapes and colours. The purpose of this task was to be able to visualise a final outcome whether it be a building, bus stop or a bridge etc.

This first model was made out of wire. I created this structure by attaching one end to the other. I like that it looks complicated but it was actually very easily done.

This second structure which Had created was easily one by using a clear polyprophine  (A3 size) and cutting a small section of it, I then rolled one corner to the opposite corner to create a cone like shape. To keep them attached and in place, I used black tape along the sides and also added  strips of them diagonally for effect. I thought adding the black tape gave it more affect into and made it look less boring.


After having created these shapes, using tracing paper we tracked the online of the shapes using the exterior of it to create something new out of it, manipulating it into different constructions and functional things; thought this there were a few ideas which I had initially thought of.

The first initial idea I had was inspired by ,

and gave me the idea to a create a lamp (photo of ideas page)

Using the next shape, due to the complexed shapes and spirally curls, it gave me the vision of an abstract bridge (insert pic) whilst visionalising the bridge ideas, I went on to research different materials which was best used to create a sustainable bridge.


During this week we also went on a trip as a class around London, Shoreditch. Taking picture and sketching buildings for inspiration and ideas in order to maybe in-cooperate it into our own ideas. To stimulate our minds into thinking, why the buildings are shaped that septic way, or why the building I built using that particular material(s).

Tate – Descent Essay

In this essay, I will be exploring a couple of artists and their artwork which was exhibited at The Tate Gallery (Located in Southbank), which related to the theme of ‘descent’ in which we were originally exploring during the first week of rotation week here at Ravensbourne. 

When visiting the gallery, there were various pieces which I thought were very interesting. There were a list however which we had to focus on, and out of the many that were displayed, the exhibition that stood out to me most was, ‘A Travel Without Visual Experience (2008)’. images of everyday life sightseeing within malaysia.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 15.28.14.png
(Pak Sheung Chuen: until 18 November 2018 – Display at Tate Modern | Tate . http://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-modern/display/performer-and-participant/pak-sheung-chuen) 

This piece was created by the Artist, Pak Sheung Chuen (1997), a photographer who’s known for working around the everyday urban environment, involving subtler interventions. 

The series of ‘A Travel without Visual Experience’ was based within a dark room with no light, and the only way which viewers where able to see the installations was to use a flashlight from our mobile phones. I thought this was a very effective way which would make the audiences focus on the very little details being portrayed within the images. 

The way that he had taken these photos were having his eyes closed, and wearing dark glasses throughout the 5 days that he was there, capturing images without being able to see through the help of his mother and tour guides to express what he was able to capture, using a simple point and shoot camera. He had quoted ‘’During the trip, I was still doing all the sightseeing and took many photos, but instead of seeing, I only used my body to sense and experience my surroundings’’. (Pak Sheung Chuen: until 18 November 2018 – Display at Tate Modern | Tate . http://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-modern/display/performer-and-participant/pak-sheung-chuen) 

I think it’s a way of allowing us to gather the same sense and emotions as he was feeling when taking the photos, unaware of what the photos will look like once it is revealed as he takes them unknowingly of where he is or what it is that he is taking.

My immediate reaction was that it was beautiful, and I was incredibly amazed by how organised, true and authentic the photos were. It definitely showed the cultural identity of those living in the area/country. What I loved most about the pieces were the similarities, and the feeling of being ‘home’ when observing the photos, seeing the props which were used in the photos as well as the sceneries, as I am Vietnamese, and our culture is very familiar to Singaporeans and malaysians. 

One of my favourite pieces which Chuen captures was the photo of a family having a meal together around a red table. It felt like pure love and sweetness, and a sense of a relatable feeling. I feel it is a cultural tradition which has been passed down for generations as it is a sign of respectful mannerism to eat dinner around the table with your family, and this is something which I do everyday. Where as within the western country, it is okay for children to take their food up to their rooms and eat whenever they are hungry. As you can see also, the side dishes are placed in the middle of the table; this is so that everyone around the table is able to grab the food to eat with their ‘rice’, another typical food which all asians eat. Noticing also that they are using chopsticks, which again is something which has been passed down for generations, as kids within the asian culture are taught to use them since a very young age, whilst the Westerns would use cutleries like a fork, spoon and knife. Another final thing to notice is the fact that these people within the image are eating by a bowl whilst people within the Western usually eat using a plate, with one whole serving meal. 

Another favourite of mine from the collection is the photo of what looks like a middle aged man standing randomly to the side of the image wearing sun glasses, and a bucket hat with sandals. What I specially liked about this image was the rawness of it being taken without adjusting the perfect angle or lighting with no filter to it which captures the trueness of what the scenary is. If you look at the sky, you see that it is a light hint of blue with mostly clouds and I like that it isn’t pigmented as if it was edited. 


In conclusion, the reason why I had chosen Pak Sheung Chuen series of art is because I thought it was one that related to the theme of descent most. It represented the asian culture as a whole well even though he had only visited malaysia. In the majority of the photos which he had taken, it wasn’t just a still image of people standing in it, but to me there was a story behind it, or a reason as to why an object was there within the photo. It links to descent because its a capturing movement of traditional events, objects and lifestyle which people within Asia continue to carry throughout the years of their lifeline in order to pass it onto the younger generation to come. 


On our last day of graphics design, we were split up into our four groups (C1, C2, C3 & C4) Whilst two groups were in the class assessing and presenting each others work, the other two groups including my own were set a task to go around the school building and create a structure/ words representing our theme. It was a challenge at first as we did not know how to go about it and where to start, but after a long discussion, and trying to combine everyone’s theme and opinions together, we decided to go with a class mate’s theme of ‘death penalty’ creating a cell with an electric chair and using the materials, cardboard, strings, brown tape and news paper which we collected from around our surroundings.

This was a fun project as it helped us work collaboratively.


Life is a short film directed by Marc Isaacs in 2001. He set himself up in a London Tower block’s lift. The video captures the moments between Isaccs and the residences revealing some important things that mattered to them.

Lift was a thought provoking short film. There were a lot of emotions that was conveyed from each of the individuals that came into the lift and encountered the video recorder.

There’s something quite unusually touching about the video in itself, The first few minutes into the video, I felt awkward and didn’t really understand the director’s intentions o what he was trying to portray.. Near the end, I started to realise the messages which were being conveyed deep beneath the words that were being expressed; a lot of hidden emotions.




Software tutorial taught us how to us photoshop and illustrator. I was glad that we had a lesson on how to use photoshop even though it’s something I’ve already learnt how to use it – it was a good way to refresh my mind on how to use the software. However, computers weren’t working and I was unable to borrow out a school laptop due to technical issues so I was paired up with a class mate. I didn’t want to slow him down so I used my initiative  and decided to use photoshop on my iPhone which is something I’m very good at.

Our goal was to get a random image from the movie ‘ocean’s 8’ and recreate it into a poster of our own.

The way that I did this edit was adding layers, citing and blending the images together with the red background (first layer) to create the red effect. I used the app ‘mildiv’ instead of illustrator as an alternative as I was working through my mobile.

I enjoyed this because it was something I was confident and comfortable with. The reasoning for making Rhianna the main focus is because she is a celebrity who’s always been talked about, and is considered hugely poplar especially to the younger audiences. more so, she is known as a singer, not an actor therefore you would imagine that the audiences specially her fans (which she has millions of) would be very keen to watch it. It is very obvious that she is known as she only needs to go by her first name like other actors and celebrities.

Fashion Textiles/Promotion FINAL PIECE

Fashion Textiles final piece which evolved making a final garment was quite tricky to say the least because I used a difficult shape I planned on making a body wear however decided to create a head wear instead as it seemed more appropriate. Furthermore, due to the patterns on my chosen shape taken from a zoomed architectural building image – it seemed more effective as a hat.

As we only had very little time and very little resources, fashion textiles here at Ravensbourne compared to textiles during A-levels has taught me to be more experimental with my dear, and understand that not everything will go as planned however, you are still able to make an outstanding outcome, which sometimes turns out more effective.

We was then given a task to go out as a 3 and take photos related to our theme.

At first I was extremely stuck and confused as to how I could’ve portrayed this, but we used magazines to help us create a vague idea of how we wanted our final photos turn out. For me, I wanted a lot of concentrated headshots, retro look hence the retro white glasses which really complimented m models outfit, and a bright red background which constructing well with the white. I also did bold red eyeshadow on her eyelids to allow her face to stand out further.


my final outcome for the fashion promotion collage, I tried to keep it as simple as possible therefore stuck to the colour red, white and black as I didn’t want the colour to be too overpowering to the point that the photo became unnoticeable. I enjoyed fashion promotion a lot more as I enjoy fashion promotion a lot more as I enjoy editing and photography. The only unsuccessful thing about this final project which I wished I would’ve changed was my final garment. I was not very happy with it. I think I could’ve done a lot better, and the other downfall was, my powerpoint kept glitching and shutting down therefore I failed to finish it completely.