FMP Break Week 2

During week 2 of our easter break, my friends and I decided to visit the SAATHI Gallery as we had seen some things online that were displayed at the gallery’ which we thought would be applicable to our theme. However, when I had got there it wasn’t as I had expected. it did not have a lot of geometrical structures like it had advertised online however, I was still able to capture a couple inspirational structures designed by artist, Tillman Kaiser. During our visit, we also chilled a little bit in the gift shop, and whilst spending our time exploring the shop, I managed to find a few interesting sources though it did not entirely link to my thereat all. I managed to find some books which had many shapes and patterns which I could’ve maybe applied to my work e.g. window designs etc.

After this, we planned on going to Tate Modern.  I did not manage to find a lot which was again related to my theme at all but then again there were a lot of shapes and patterns which I thought I could’ve merged into my own work – I hope that I can develop my work, or even use these photos as. guide to improve/steal inspiration from.

We spent half of the day going around and visiting places until about 5pm. Some of us decided to go home, whilst some of  us decided to go bak to uni to do some work; which ended being a failed plan as we ended up sitting there clueless as we were all knackered, which turned into a few hours of us procrastinating watching movies.



During the next few days, I used it to do some sketches which I attached in my sketchbook. At this point, this was when stared considering the interior’s floor plan and elevation and how I was going to present it as I am not the best at drawing 2 way angles perspectives – something which I will improve on. I also played about on sketchup, creating my first building using the architect Mario Cucinelle as inspiration which I was not too happy with. I did not like the way that my building was shaped, however I did like the constant repetition within the patterns that I had used though it started to look a little too much. Despite this, I think it was a good start in progressing my idea, and it was better to start somewhere than no where.

This week was both successful and unsuccessful yet again, as the trip to the galleries were not as inspirational as I hoped it would be, though the week was productive in terms of working within our sketchbook. Using what I have done this week I will continue to work on my initial ideas and improving it by practicing and experimenting more with sketch-up models, and using my elevation as a guide to create my building as the interior needs to be considered also when creating the exterior.


FMP Break Week 1

During this week,  I went on a gallery visit at 10am with Cedrick and Stanley to The Body World’s located right besides Piccadilly Circus, and the price was ridiculously expensive. £22! Body World’s is a exhibition which exhibits real life muse fibres, body parts like the human brain and bones. I decided to take the trip there because although my theme is not based on human anatomy like Cedrick’s I thought I would maybe be able to get some inspiration from the shapes and lines that were presented within the human veins/muscle fibres; using it’s lines and patterns to create a potential design. However, this visit turned out unsuccessful. Although it was not useful and linked to my theme at all, I still really enjoyed being able to see the human’s body parts in real life and the interesting facts as we had headphones within the gallery which provided us information.

After this, I did was research facts online on ‘origami’ as it was initially the theme that I wanted to focus on. During this research I did not learn much but I oppose it could help others viewers understand what it is and what it’s used for; understanding the importance and impact which origami has on the world of architecture and not just paper art. Whilst doing research on origami and how it is useful within the architectural world, I decided to look up some photos which I thought I could be inspired by, and they all looked really well made and complexed which is not yet up my level as origami is not in my skill sets but I was definitely motivated.

Before the week had ended, I managed to squeeze in a bit of more in depth artist research including; Richard Sweeney. Who is an artist who makes models and installations out of paper. His work includes a lot of 3D and complexed curved shapes which I found really fascinating. His work has a range of different shapes and doesn’t completely focus on geometric shapes specifically but it was still inspiring to look at, seeing the kind of shapes he’s able to make out of paper, he also creates architectural models which I thought was really cool and interesting because it’s something that I thought I could include within my own work to experiment with.

After doing research on artist Sweeney, I had also draw a structure of his and tried using it to turn into a building however thought it looked a bit weird. It was too curved and circular at the bottom to be placed within the location that I had in mind though I do think it would’ve been a very interesting building overall if it wasn’t for the location.

To conclude, this week was more dedicated to researching informations and inspiration which I could work around, however the trip to the body worlds was unsuccessful and I should’ve researched more into the gallery before visiting it that way I could’ve visited a different site which would’ve been more useful to myself. The research that I did was also just basic research so I plan on doing more intense research which could be more practical and beneficial to improve my ideas.

Next upcoming week, I plan on visitng more galleries which I think could be inspiration to my fmp. Regardless of what I will find, I think it’s a good idea to go because I could end up finding more inspiration than initiated.

FMP Week 3

Continuing from the pervious week (week 2) where I had researched into a couple architects (Zaha Hadid & Santiago Calatrava), I also went on gather inspirations from books within the university’s library which I though would be useful. Through this I was able to find some inspiration both relating to the artist(s) as well as my final project.

As planed, I played around with paper by cutting and sticking one end to the other to create an abstract form, which almost looked like a high rise building, however although I was pleased with the outcome and the shape that it had given me, that was not entirely what I planned on achieving considering I needed something that had more width to it than height. At first I was also very skeptical, but sing the skills and free movement which I had learnt during my short project ‘Fixtures & Fittings’ during the course here at Ravensbourne,  it gave me the confidence and create whatever my mind allowed me to without in the middle of the moment, rather than making something which had been previously practiced, and I ended up loving the outcome. Using this I took various pictures capturing all angles.

Besides the, I drew out some designs using the outlined shape of my model for inspiration and worked on top of it. The fittings and fixtures project taught me also alt about being playful with my models and designs because you won’t known what you could potentially produce therefore I made sure to remember that and did rough deigns and practiced with some coloured markers onto of a traced drawing of my original to see which would’ve looked better; in which this case, I used brown o represent the material ‘wood’ however, I decided hat this might’ve not been suited considering I wanted to go for the futuristic/modern aesthetics.

Doing the same week, I did more model experimenting but this time Round, I decided to try with cardboard. I did this by finding a scrap laced and using a Stanley knife I scrolled gently into the material making equalateral triangles, became this helps bend the shape easier though I plan on experimenting further with different types of material an shapes which will help me grasp more ideas.

To conclude though I did not do as much as I had planned on doing this week, I was happy with the results of my model which that I had made. At first it did not go well because I struggled to fold the piece of cardboard, and make a lot of creases however I tackled this solution by making another one and scoring the outline of the drawn triangles, and this way it was easier to both fold and make cleaner structures.

FmP Week 2

Starting your final major project, I think it’s important to do thorough research into appropriate things which connects to our potential idea.  Considering my theme was inspired by origami and geometric shapes, I started to look at some images of origami which is inspired by Japanese 3D art as well as buildings and objects which could give me inspiration. Some of my favourites included:

This has given me inspiration to create some experimental paper models of my own which I plan on doing for next week’s schedule. This way I can play about with different shapes and materials, whiles experimenting with repetition by adding multiple duplicated shapes to one another to create a structure of some sort which will hopefully expand my imagination to create something different, and more diverse to buildings which are already designed.

I also went on to look at a couple of well known architects including; Zaha Hadid, Santiago Calatrava and Mario Cucinella.  I explored a few of their work which I was encouraged by, some included:

Mario Cucinella 

Zaha Hadid

Mario and Zaha was one of the very many architects which inspired me. I thought both their work were very conceptual and abstract which is what I loved most about it; I was intrigued with the many different shapes and motifs which they use within his designs. I am very intrigued with the way and style that they work, creating these futuristic and modern approach. I also looked further into the buildings and the engineering behind it which I could use along the way when planning my final outcome.

Researching these two architects has given me inspiration on how I can create my building, as they have two different styles.

At the end of the week, I continued by doing some sketches in the style of both Hadid and Cucunielle, using different shapes and forms.

After uni, I also went to visit IKEA considering they have a lot of furniture which I thought could be useful towards projects, like lamps and such which has patterns which could give me further inspiration to connect with my work.

This however was unsuccessful as I failed to find many connections to the theme of geometry as I had hope I would find therefore, I plan on visiting other sites/galleries etc that wipl hopefully be linked to my theme in order to carry out ideas.


At first when FMP had started, initially I did not have a theme but I was focused more on the function of the building I was going to create. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do, and that was to refurbish an abanded building, to redesign it and give it a purpose again, and there were initially two places I thought of. 1. Woolwich Public Cover Market, or An abandoned chapel located in Peckham.

I wanted my building to give juvenile kids hope to stand back on their feet, giving them the opportunities to learn new creative skills to better their lived, whiles also providing space to local professionals to as a studio space. The more I thought about it, because of the two areas that I had picked, I wanted to pick a theme which would’ve reflected the building and area most whilst having it be original yet not too complexed at the same time which is why I decided to pick “Geometrical shapes/origami” as I thought it was a theme that you could do a lot with.

After deciding this, I then went on to create a mindmap, brainstorming the ideas I had in mind including, where I was going to visit. What I planned on doing, which artist I was going to look at, what materials I was going to use etc.

I also created a mood board in hopes that it would not only inspire me but when people open up my book, they would understand the kind of theme im trying to direct them towards.

3DCP: Beyond The Fundalmentals (Week 1)

This project was one which I at first found quite challenging. The purpose of this project was to create a temporary exhibition in the size of 20m x 30m.

I first started with doing some research on some exterior of exhibitions, and exhibition stands. I also researched some pavilions which could inspire me through their use of shapes and colours. I found it difficult at first because I didn’t know what I wanted to create a temporary exhibition for, but after a long think, I decided I wanted it design it for a fashion showcase.

After this, I started drawing up some designs that came into mind using the research that I had got as inspiration. my design consisted of abstract and curvy lines to make the building stand our more, rather than having it look plain and boring. Considering it’s only temporary I wanted it to be attractive to viewers.

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I also experimented with a few outcomes on google sketches to grasp a better idea on what it would look like as an actual model.

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3DCP: Individualisation (Week 2)

After experimenting a couple of designs on google sketch-up, I eventually managed to narrow it down into a more sophisticated design which included:

  • a hallway entrance
  • entrance door
  • kitchen
  • gaming room
  • toilet
  • living room
  • swimming pool/ changing room
  • 1 suite bedroom
  • 3 bedrooms
  • balcony

I then started to play about with different coloured materials to get a sense/vision of how the building would’ve ended up looking like, using materials like wood, glass and concrete which overall I think was quite successful as it looked modern and spacious just like how my client had wanted it to look like.

After this, I also started creating floors plans to help convert the measurements into scale and prepare for building my model which I did out of the material foam board.

Considering the double floors and the amount of rooms, it was a little hard for my personally to create this being it my first time but it was a project which I highly enjoyed, if not my favourite do far. It gave a real sense of what the architectural field will consist of , and it gave me the opportunity to expand on my creativity. Also allowing me to see and enhance my own capabilities and skills in order to improve.