3DCP – DAY 2

Day 2, was a very enjoyable lesson consisting of using spaghetti to build a standing structure that could old up a minimum of 3 plastic balls. Before we did this, we did a few experimentations of creating a few sketches on what we plan on creating our structures to look like.

I thought it was going to be pretty easy at first but after starting it, I realised how hard it was to control the glue gun and hold each spaghetti in place; this also made me realise that I should’ve practiced my structure before making it. However, in the end I managed to create a successful structure even though it dd not go as plan, or looked the way that I wanted it to as it was very experimental. I was very inspired by my class mate’s structures, how carefully they constructed their shapes, and how thick I was that it was able to with stand a certain level of weight.


After this, we were tested to use only plain white paper as a material to protect our structure. We had to try out best to keep it safe from the ball that Geoff was going to use to DESTORY our work.. and did he destroy them? He certainly did.


3DCP – DAY 1

On the first day within 3D, we were set a simple task of drawing/writing out all the birthday presents which we have received throughout the years, and this could include anything from restaurants you have visited during the time, to physical objects like a teddy bear or piano.

I tried recalling everything which I have received throughout the many years, showcasing them through doodles and letters. It was a bit challenging as you had to fill up a whole A1 papers much as possible.

After this, we cut the outline of the papers that it was all attached as long as possible and dangles. We then took it around Ravensbourne building and took pictures of it.



Life Drawing

Life drawing for me was quite an amazing experience. To be frankly honest, I don’t like the idea of life drawn very much simply because I think it’s rather boring just sitting there, composed within a seat for hours, attempting to draw the same person within the same position for a couple mintues – hours. Despite this, considering it being my first time, I thought it was very interesting and it definitely helped me to improve the pace that I draw when observing something in a short amount of time/moving. I allow me to be free and taught me to trust my instincts and believe in my own outcomes. They were definitely not perfect at all, or anywhere near to the figurative image of our model, but it was definitely somewhat effective.


I wasn’t too impressed with the final outcomes of my drawing. We used black charcoal and coloured oil pastels to draw our subject. The reason I was not happy with my outcome was because I did not press hard enough therefore you can’t really see it. I think it would’ve been more effective if I had pressed harder for more detail and emphasis on certain areas.


Photography has always been something within my interest but before this short class, I managed to learn the very basics of how a camera functions, and how to use it in a short amount of time. We were taught how to appropriately convey a portrait photo using light and shadows, the shutter speed etc for certain effects and under the right lighting.

The class in general was very fun and fascinating as I understood the importance of spacing, light and functions of a camera to capture the perfect photo.




Our final task was to research a couple of typography artists and fonts which we found interesting and would co-operate well within our theme. my initial theme was the idea of gender equality, and how I felt that females aren’t treated as fairly as men; and even til today’s current standards, men are still seen more superior and more capable – which is very sexist however, I decided to change my mind and focus on something more optically important which I believe has an effect on not just certain regions but countries all around the world e.g. Syria.

I thought this was an interesting topic because it’s constantly appearing on the news as I believe a lot of people would agree. War is not only affecting lives of children, adults and families, but it’s also dividing us as a society due to different beliefs; leaving homes and the environment around us destroyed.

Now that we had our theme, we were ask to experiment and play with our fonts between A-Z. I widths mainly by using ‘dynamites’, ‘nuclear bombs’ and bombs as inspiration relating to the theme quite obviously.

After experimenting with different designs, we had o come up with a slogan, I came up with a few however in the end I decided on ‘Children are dying. Homes destroyed. Humanity dying. Society dying. The world is dying. NO more WAR!’.

There are definitely things which I could’ve done e.g. coming up with a better and shorter slogan which audiences’ would be bothered to read.



Graphics Design: DAY 1

On the first day, we were introduced to graphics design, showing us what the course had to offer if we had chosen to take this pathway. The course in itself seemed quite relaxing. Our first task for the week was to use the letter ‘C’ as our main focus/attraction, this was specifically because we were ‘GROUP C’. This challenged a lot of us within our group to make outstanding versions of the letter C to beat the other groups which had already previously did the task. through this, we were expected to find materials which not only portrayed the obvious (outline of C), but emotions and meaning behind it; to convey different emotions and meanings. This could’ve included the way that it was presented, shaped, coloured etc.

The first ‘C’ that I had created was made from the material of cardboard. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to complete the task as everyone


was using the equipment .e.g glue guns, therefore, my creativity was limited. I purposely ripped out areas of the letter further after carving the letter into it so that it could appear distressed, and to me, this represented ‘anger’.

I purposely also left the sides of the cardboard messy to complete it.

The second letter ‘C’ was a cotton material wrapped around in thick layers of masking tape. I then also proceeded to wrap some strings/think ropes

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5caround the letter as I wanted it to stand out a little more, as well as bring more life to a plain and boring object, whilst still managing to keep the original meaning behind the letter itself.  So this C to me was representing the word ‘shy’; the reason being is because I wanted it represent myself.. As if I am the material hiding itself under a thick layer of clothing, make-up and emotions, and it’s almost impossible to open me up.

Lastly, the last letter C for me portrayed… every word which was listed on the board. The reason for this is because the letter C made out of play dough was multicoloured, and was very randomly mixed, this conveys a mixture of emotions; almost UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5blike having mood swings or prehaps, each colour represents an individual mood hence why there’s no specific emotion conveyed. I believe it’s simple, yet very expressive and strong.




media production: rule of 3

Video 1. Shot composition basics for film and television

  • Visual elements which are arranged on screen are known to be just as essential as what is being shown/said. This is also known as ‘visual story telling’, which is what initially should be capturing the audience’s attention as well as the psychology of character.

Whiles watching this video, I took down some notes on some of the rules which involves filmatrography.

RULES OF THIRD: This involves splitting your screen into 9 (3×3) even sections, then placing your subjects within the intersection/ along the lines as I helps to create more interest and energy. (An example is shown before in figure 1)

Figure 1
Figure 1

2. Head Room: Known as the distance between the subject’s head and the top of the frame


Fashion Promotion/Textiles: Day 2

Although it was only our second day being introduced to the course of fashion, we were challenged to create a final garments in preparation for our final day of the week. Using our inspired shapes, I again, created a geometric hat using my research of architecture as inspiration.

But before this, we were asked to bring in some home materials which we could find lying around our house which were suitable to our research, so for this I bought in a couple of black and white plastic bags, cardboard and foil. I did not know what to expect at first, but then realised were expected to experiment with our resources to create something random for a friend to wear, and in this nerve wrecking situation, I quickly constructed together a neck piece which had funky shapes around it.

Considering we had only 5 minutes to make a garment out of the resources we brought in, I decided to use foil as it was the easiest to control and bend, where as if I was to use clingfilm, the material would just bend as it is not heavy enough to stay within a position, cardboard involves a lot of cutting and ripping in order to create a shape, as well as having to use tape etc to stick pieces together. Foil on the other hand, can easily be constructed together.