Software tutorial taught us how to us photoshop and illustrator. I was glad that we had a lesson on how to use photoshop even though it’s something I’ve already learnt how to use it – it was a good way to refresh my mind on how to use the software. However, computers weren’t working and I was unable to borrow out a school laptop due to technical issues so I was paired up with a class mate. I didn’t want to slow him down so I used my initiative  and decided to use photoshop on my iPhone which is something I’m very good at.

Our goal was to get a random image from the movie ‘ocean’s 8’ and recreate it into a poster of our own.

The way that I did this edit was adding layers, citing and blending the images together with the red background (first layer) to create the red effect. I used the app ‘mildiv’ instead of illustrator as an alternative as I was working through my mobile.

I enjoyed this because it was something I was confident and comfortable with. The reasoning for making Rhianna the main focus is because she is a celebrity who’s always been talked about, and is considered hugely poplar especially to the younger audiences. more so, she is known as a singer, not an actor therefore you would imagine that the audiences specially her fans (which she has millions of) would be very keen to watch it. It is very obvious that she is known as she only needs to go by her first name like other actors and celebrities.


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