During today’s lesson, we were set a task to play with light, texture and reflection using photography to capture interesting photos. I enjoy taking portraits in specific, therefore I diverted my attention towards mirrored images of my friends. I had also came up with the idea about ‘opposite reflection’, portraying a male of the darker skin completion, against myself, who is of the lighter skin completion to show contrasting tones and textures; in addition I had also took interest in patterns and lighting of my surroundings within the school building, such as grid railings and furniture. 

Before coming into this foundation course, I had learnt very little about photography or how to properly use a camera as I didn’t have that kind of access considering I was always strictly studying ‘fine art’ and the limited resources. To be able to experience a different media; something out of my comfort zone wasn’t only exciting but interesting to see the outcomes of how a bad photo could be seen as something very expressive, interesting and meaningful regardless of whether it was deliberate or not. Although I may not be considering taking photography as part of my career path, it is definitely something that I enjoy doing as a hobby, and from watching a couples of videos on media production about how a camera is used, what colours and tones set specific moods and how it reflects of on the audience was very helpful, giving me a push to better my work quality. 

The first task that we was set was to take ‘3 bad photos’, by doing this I played with the lighting on my phone, reducing the brightness to create a dark and unfocused photo, and through this after having a careful look back at it, I realised it looked quite effective. 

The next photo which I had captured was using the filter ‘pano’ on my iPhone X, which involves moving the camera to the right, allowing you to capture an almost 360 degree view of the setting. I deliberately went against the rules and consistently went left and right to create this cut off photo of my friend.

Finally, another darkened photo of constructions outside the window from my School building. Again I achieved this by decreasing the brightness on my camera setting to the lowest possible. 




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