3DCP – DAY 2

Day 2, was a very enjoyable lesson consisting of using spaghetti to build a standing structure that could old up a minimum of 3 plastic balls. Before we did this, we did a few experimentations of creating a few sketches on what we plan on creating our structures to look like.

I thought it was going to be pretty easy at first but after starting it, I realised how hard it was to control the glue gun and hold each spaghetti in place; this also made me realise that I should’ve practiced my structure before making it. However, in the end I managed to create a successful structure even though it dd not go as plan, or looked the way that I wanted it to as it was very experimental. I was very inspired by my class mate’s structures, how carefully they constructed their shapes, and how thick I was that it was able to with stand a certain level of weight.


After this, we were tested to use only plain white paper as a material to protect our structure. We had to try out best to keep it safe from the ball that Geoff was going to use to DESTORY our work.. and did he destroy them? He certainly did.


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