Our 2nd task was to practice the letters ‘g’ in different styles, the reasoning for this is due to it being known as the hardest letter to work/change. throughout the day we were also appointed to go around the o2/Greenwich area and search for 26 letters of the alphabet , punctuations and numbers 0-9. Initially you would think that t would be quite an easy task , however I did not want it to be easy. I wanted to push myself and make it a challenge, and be as creative as possible. This task turned out harder than I imagined.

midway throughout the day, unfortunately we were distracted by a bomb threat within the o2 which forced the entire university to evacuate the school facilities for healthy and safety reasons, and was not allowed back on site until another 2-3 hours later. Despite this, along the way, my friends and I kept up a positive attitude and continued with our search for the alphabetical letters. In the end, I did not managed to capture all numbers and punctuations like asked, but I managed to get all 26 letters, creating them to look as diverse as possible.




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