3DCP – DAY 3

Day 3 was my favourite day throughout the whole week. We were put into a random team of 5-6 people to create a bridge using the only materials we had including:
  • Brown tape
  • Cardboard
  • Bamboo Sticks
  • Elastic Bands
In the beginning the whole team had an idea of what the bridge should look like, and as a team we decided to incorporate all of our ideas together. Everything didn’t go 100% as expected through the process of making the bridge but because we gathered more ideas along the way, it helped make the bridge become more stable – but the majority of the plan and process went very well.

I believe we worked really well as a team and our final outcomes was somewhat simple but nice. It looked and felt stable. The vain reason for this is because we created a thick layer of bamboo sticks to hold the cardboard from below. We also created of thick layers of cardboard to hold the sticks in place.

Despite this, I believe that with a little more time, we definitely could’ve designed a better bridge with even more stability!

To end the day off, Geoff used his broken electric toy card to test the bridge and see how successful it was; whether the toy was able to cross the bridge successfully or not.


To conclude, the whole process was more or less a success and I enjoyed it a lot!



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