Graphics Design: DAY 1

On the first day, we were introduced to graphics design, showing us what the course had to offer if we had chosen to take this pathway. The course in itself seemed quite relaxing. Our first task for the week was to use the letter ‘C’ as our main focus/attraction, this was specifically because we were ‘GROUP C’. This challenged a lot of us within our group to make outstanding versions of the letter C to beat the other groups which had already previously did the task. through this, we were expected to find materials which not only portrayed the obvious (outline of C), but emotions and meaning behind it; to convey different emotions and meanings. This could’ve included the way that it was presented, shaped, coloured etc.

The first ‘C’ that I had created was made from the material of cardboard. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to complete the task as everyone


was using the equipment .e.g glue guns, therefore, my creativity was limited. I purposely ripped out areas of the letter further after carving the letter into it so that it could appear distressed, and to me, this represented ‘anger’.

I purposely also left the sides of the cardboard messy to complete it.

The second letter ‘C’ was a cotton material wrapped around in thick layers of masking tape. I then also proceeded to wrap some strings/think ropes

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5caround the letter as I wanted it to stand out a little more, as well as bring more life to a plain and boring object, whilst still managing to keep the original meaning behind the letter itself.  So this C to me was representing the word ‘shy’; the reason being is because I wanted it represent myself.. As if I am the material hiding itself under a thick layer of clothing, make-up and emotions, and it’s almost impossible to open me up.

Lastly, the last letter C for me portrayed… every word which was listed on the board. The reason for this is because the letter C made out of play dough was multicoloured, and was very randomly mixed, this conveys a mixture of emotions; almost UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5blike having mood swings or prehaps, each colour represents an individual mood hence why there’s no specific emotion conveyed. I believe it’s simple, yet very expressive and strong.





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