Our final task was to research a couple of typography artists and fonts which we found interesting and would co-operate well within our theme. my initial theme was the idea of gender equality, and how I felt that females aren’t treated as fairly as men; and even til today’s current standards, men are still seen more superior and more capable – which is very sexist however, I decided to change my mind and focus on something more optically important which I believe has an effect on not just certain regions but countries all around the world e.g. Syria.

I thought this was an interesting topic because it’s constantly appearing on the news as I believe a lot of people would agree. War is not only affecting lives of children, adults and families, but it’s also dividing us as a society due to different beliefs; leaving homes and the environment around us destroyed.

Now that we had our theme, we were ask to experiment and play with our fonts between A-Z. I widths mainly by using ‘dynamites’, ‘nuclear bombs’ and bombs as inspiration relating to the theme quite obviously.

After experimenting with different designs, we had o come up with a slogan, I came up with a few however in the end I decided on ‘Children are dying. Homes destroyed. Humanity dying. Society dying. The world is dying. NO more WAR!’.

There are definitely things which I could’ve done e.g. coming up with a better and shorter slogan which audiences’ would be bothered to read.




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