Life Drawing

Life drawing for me was quite an amazing experience. To be frankly honest, I don’t like the idea of life drawn very much simply because I think it’s rather boring just sitting there, composed within a seat for hours, attempting to draw the same person within the same position for a couple mintues – hours. Despite this, considering it being my first time, I thought it was very interesting and it definitely helped me to improve the pace that I draw when observing something in a short amount of time/moving. I allow me to be free and taught me to trust my instincts and believe in my own outcomes. They were definitely not perfect at all, or anywhere near to the figurative image of our model, but it was definitely somewhat effective.


I wasn’t too impressed with the final outcomes of my drawing. We used black charcoal and coloured oil pastels to draw our subject. The reason I was not happy with my outcome was because I did not press hard enough therefore you can’t really see it. I think it would’ve been more effective if I had pressed harder for more detail and emphasis on certain areas.


Photography has always been something within my interest but before this short class, I managed to learn the very basics of how a camera functions, and how to use it in a short amount of time. We were taught how to appropriately convey a portrait photo using light and shadows, the shutter speed etc for certain effects and under the right lighting.

The class in general was very fun and fascinating as I understood the importance of spacing, light and functions of a camera to capture the perfect photo.




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