media production : animation

This was a lesson I found extremely fun. Although it was something which I had not yet learnt throughout my school life, it was fascinating to see the different animations that others were able to create using different artistry and styles such as

Types of styles:

  1. Anime
  2. Disney Cartoon
  3. Gaming


  1. Rota Scoping
  2. CGI
  3. Project mapping

The animation world is an amazing thing, which producers use to target  a diverse group of audience. Today, it is used as a way to entertain both children and adults. In the past, animation was created for children and most famous for this was Disney movies. However, in today’s era animation is now also used as a form of entertainment for adults e.g. South Park, family guy etc.

One of the animations which we watched was produced by a New Zealand producer, Leng Li. In this short animation, his art was very colourful, using different techniques including scratching and painting onto film tape strips.

Another file that we had also watched was ‘mamoon’ by the producer Ben. This video in particular was very simple yet very meaningful and effective. Through this video I had interpreted that the characters my be middle eastern as the mother in the video is wearing a headscarf. The two are of the blue colour family, as you watch the video you realise that the red is taking over the blue and the mother tries to save him. This to me is an illustration of ‘war’. This could be a sensitive topic to most considering it is what’s constantly appearing on the news lately, especially within the middle eastern countries. (

The distinctive language of animation can be surrounded as follows (anyone element (or more) might be intrinsic to an individual approach):

metamorphosis – the ability to facilitate change from one into another without edit.

 Condensation – The maximum degree of suggestion in the minimum of imagery.

 Anthropomophism – The imposition of human traits on animals, objects and environment.

Fabrication – The psychical and material creation of imagery figures and spaces

Penetration – The visualisation of unimaginable psychological/ physical/ technical ‘interiors’.

Symbolic Association – The use of abstract visuals signs and other their related meanings.

Sound Illusion – The completely artificial construction of a soundtrack to support the intrinsic silence of animated forms.


Before creating an animated cartoon, we were asked to draw a simple outline sketch of 5 things which we thought had an impact on 2018, and in this scenario I drew a an iPhone on the instagram app of the famous internet star, Kylie Jenner. There are many reasons to this, some which includes:

  • This year she was announced as the youngest billionaire
  • She had her first baby with the Star Rapper, Travis Scott
  • She’s consistently launching new products etc within her makeup line

In general, she seems to always be a big topic on social media, not forgetting to mention she is the famous Kardasian’s younger sister.

The second picture which I had drew was an ‘off-white belt’, ad the reason for this is because the brand Off-White has now become a trend, especially the belt which people are using as decorative accessories. You would normally think a belt’s purpose is to help something like your jeans feel more fitted, however in this case people have been wearing it as a new fashion style, some even go far and beyond as wearing it around their legs.

Third, was a picture of a graveyard. This image in specific tells a deep story of the lives which we have lost throughout this year. Around it, I have included a few known names.

Whilst creating the animated little movie, it was definitely a challenge as it was difficult to repetitively draw the same image exactly the same, however I thought of an alternative and that was to trace. However, despite this, it involves a lot of patience in order to draw it as accurate as possible as a mistaken line could take the whole prespective of the animation.

I thought my idea was very interesting however, I found it difficult to portray despite the idea being so clear in my head. This taught me that, even though this task may seem simple, in order for it to work it involves a lot of planning and perfecting.



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