@ The Tate

Whilst studying the theme of ‘descent’ during the first week, we visited the modern Tate museum to explore the many arts that was exhibited there to see whether it had any correlation to our theme or not, and how it would inspire us to develop our work further.

There were many interesting pieces of art displayed when working my way up and down different levels of the gallery however, there was one in specific which really stood out to me. At first the meaning behind the photo was unclear, it was hard to interpret but after reading the description on the side, it helped me to translate it into my own denotation which related back to the theme descent.

Time 1970 (David Lamelas, 1946)

Time 1970 (David Lamelas, 1946) ”This photograph documents the first performance of Time. A group of people stand in a line. The first person tells the time to the next person. They ‘receive’ the time and ‘hold on to it’ before announcing it to the next participant. The last person announces it ‘to the world’ in the language of their choice. This images shows ‘time’ being performed in Les Arcs in the French Alps.


After reading it, it allowed me to translate it to the idea of how, genetics and inheritance is passed down from one generation to another. Passing on their traditional down to their descent. The first person who ‘tells the time to the next person” is interpreted as the ‘mother’ who passes down her heir line to her next, hence why they ‘receive’ it and ‘hold on to it’ before passing it down to the next person. The last person announces it ‘to the world’, initially meaning that who is alive today, they have a piece of DNA from the first person standing. Within today’s society a lot of people are now a mixture of culture and nationality, hence why the last person who announces it to the world, does it in ‘the language of their choice’, sort of showcasing how their from a multi cultural background, therefore they are able to speak more than one language.




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